Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments



Beautiful Skin…   £40
An amazingly purifying facial to unblock pores and deeply cleanse the skin leaving it smooth, oil free and clear by using a calamine mask and pure rose water.

  • Bring back your natural glow
  • Renewed and radiant skin
  • Good for sensitive skin in particular

Luxurious Facial… £40
Bring your chi back into balance with this wonderful hot stone facial using 100% essential oils of your choice. Let the stones work their magic over your skin.

  • Brightens the complexion and aids in re-firming the skin
  • Lavender and Jasmine are used, or oils of your choice

Hot Stone Facial… £45
A deeply calming facial using aromatherapy oils and hot towels, giving you and your skin a totally relaxed, pampered and hydrated experience.

  • A completely unique and rejuvenating treatment

Crystal Facial… £45
Try something different. Indulge yourself in a truly relaxing and gentle treatment. The crystals are massaged over your skin, emmitting their unique and soothing energy.

  • Your skin will feel soft, supple and purified
  • Promotes a deep sense of calm

Mini Facial… £30
Lovely for a quick treatment. Cleanse, tone and exfoliate, reviving tired eyes and replenishing your skin.

  • Includes a soothing and awakening massage to the shoulders, face, neck and scalp


Half / Full Body… £20 / £30
Can be applied just before any occasion and you can dress immediately after application.

  • Exposed Spray Tanning
  • A new way of tanning and having that gorgeous summer glow!
  • Advanced seasonal technology
  • Suits any skin
  • Natural product, no smell
  • 7-10 days wear

NOTE: Please exfoliate the night before and please DO NOT use deodorants or perfumes before tanning.


Nail polish shape and tidy… £15
Shellac and gel 11 nails… £25
Shellac and gel with foils and imprints… £30
Luxurious pedicure with scrub… £35
Minx fingers or toes… £26
Shellac toes… £25
She dazzle hair strands (lasts up to 4 weeks)… £1 (each)


Eyebrow tint… £10
Eyelash tint… £15
Individual eyelash extensions (lasts for 4-6 weeks)… £40
Eyebrow reshape… £10
Lip AND chin… £10
Lip OR chin… £6
Full Leg Wax… £30
Half Leg Wax… £20
Underarms… £12
Back AND Chest… £35
Back OR Chest… £18
Arms… £16